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Julianne Williams

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Born in a small farm town with a heart defect that required surgery at the age of 5, she still excelled in school earning a BS in Applied Developmental Psychology from Cal Poly SLO and a Master of Public Health from Fresno State.  She is an executive and consultant in the skilled nursing healthcare sector.

At age 38, Julianne's husband took his life, leaving her alone with two young children to care for. When you read the book Head Above Water, you will discover how Julianne re-invented herself and became extremely successful in the long term care space.

Her mission is to help others who are experiencing loss and trauma. People suffer loss from the death, illness, or emotional severing of a spouse, child or parent.  Other life events such a divorce or job loss can trigger a grief response.

Julianne Williams purpose is to help you heal and discover your purpose.


How do you rebuild after life unravels in loss? 'Griefquake' is a guide crafted to help you navigate the aftermath of significant loss, providing concrete concepts to relate to and heal. Drawing from personal experience, Julianne shares a heartfelt journey of rediscovering joy after the unthinkable. Rooted in Psalm 34:18, this book is a beacon of inspiration, offering relatable narratives for anyone facing the pain of losing a loved one, pet, job, or anything causing deep sorrow. 'Griefquake' is more than a book; it's a compassionate companion, extending a helping hand for those seeking understanding and healing in the midst of grief.

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